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Aynbath is a growing collection of magickal webcomics, paintings and stories. See what’s new at a glance:

January 2024

Posting Videos on YT Shorts

I decided to give it a go and see what comes around.
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Youtube Shorts

February 2024

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- 2023 -

December 2023

Limited Gifts for Supporters

Handprinting and shipping limited lino prints.

Explanation of the artwork on my new blog:
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November 2023

Follow via Discord

A new way to stay updated on the project and

interact with the creator and other fans:
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October 2023

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August 2023

Watch my Sketchbook Tours!

And more will be posted soon..

Playlist on a youtube alternative

July 2023

Last Convention this Year

I will be attending the Kreativmarkt in Werk 2.

Aynbath on their homepage

April 2023

  • ayn - news marker Short Story - Overseeress

Take a walk and follow her..

Read the short story

April 2023

Meet Me in Person!

Trefft mich auf der MCC in Halle 1, Tisch: MK106

See Overview

February 2023

Trying Twitter..

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- 2022 -

December 2022

Special Gifts for Supporters

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November 2022

  • ayn - news marker Comic Sequence - We Are All One

A visual trance and dance of shapes…

Read it here

October 2022

Gallery with Full Descriptions!

It is being updated weekly and contains

the full descriptions as seen in the artbook:

September 2022

Help by Donation or Subscription

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August 2022

  • ayn - news marker The Torn - Glaring Passage

Last time he fell asleep and now…

Dive after him

June 2022

The Black Edition is here!

You can now buy the unlimited

Black Edition Artbook:

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May 2022

Planned for July! Last Chance.

Preorder the limited Gold Edition now

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February 2022

  • ayn - news marker Comic Sequence - Wedwevia

Drifting out into the vast sea:
Read now

January 2022

  • ayn - news marker Comic Sequence - Svartr Blóð

What he discovers will cause chaos:
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- 2021 -

December 2021

Gifts for my supporters.

Sending out handprinted and limited bookmarks (:
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November 2021

It’s coming 2022! Preorder now.

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September 2021

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August 2021

  • ayn - news marker The Torn - New Short Story

A new illustrated short story of his journey:

Read now

July 2021

Big Interview: Eibenreiter

Read this wonderful interview
about me, spirituality and art:

Read it here

April 2021

Shop: Cryptos Now Accepted

Privacy = Freedom. Let’s stay free:

Read about Pirate Chain

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March 2021

  • ayn - news marker The Torn - A New Story

A new illustrated short story is here:

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February 2021

Shop: A4 Prints now available

For all of those who love smaller prints:

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January 2021

  • ayn - news marker Masarru Chapter 2 is out!

The mystical webcomic continues! Read it here:

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- 2020 -

December 2020

Animated Masarru Trailer!

Get ready for Masarru’s Chapter Two.

See Masarru come to life in the trailer:

Watch now

November 2020

Follow Aynbath on Mobile (:

Telegram is a free uncensored Messenger App.
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September 2020

Interview: DIY Culture & Zines

Interview on the Weirdobrigade.
Read the Interview here

August 2020

New Aynbath Soundtrack

Listen to the Torn OST Track “Death Meditation”:
Track on Youtube

July 2020

  • ayn - news marker Comic Sequence - Ashes Of..

A ritual of radical change and renewal:
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June 2020

New Shop Online!

Finally my OWN online store is up:
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March 2020

  • ayn - news marker Comic Sequence - Hladleid

Silent Comic following a druid’s steps:
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February 2020

First Aynbath Soundtrack

Listen to the first Aynbath OST “Snowy Mountain”:
Track on Youtube

VAULT: 2019

Aug 2019

Great Masarru Prints Available

I designed three wonderful Masarru Art Prints:
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Oct 2019

1st Chapter of Web Comic “Masarru”!

A surreal journey is now beginning. Step into another world:
Start Reading now!

Aug 2019

Posting Step-by-Step Processes

I did a bunch of process posts on Steem earning crypto:
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Jul 2019

Limited “Rain” Zine and Set is out 

Only German – Das Rain Package mit exklusivem Inhalt:
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Jun 2019

Comic Sequence – The Deruphant

A short gloomy silent comic:
Read it now

May 2019

Aynbath in the DOAZ Zine

Aynbath is part of the Occult Art Zine:
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Apr 2019

First Art Process Videos

Interested in the process? Watch me paint some artworks:
See Process Videos

Mar 2019

No to Youtube! Hello Odysee.

Youtube is undermining small creators and will get worse. An alternative:
See my Odysee

Mar 2019

Big Conventions Coming

New epic conventions are coming up. Visit me and say hello:
See overview

Feb 2019

Trying Art Streams on Twitch

Watch me paint and let’s hang out here:
Check out my Twitch

VAULT: 2018

Dec 2018

Quitting Facebook Page

Facebook is dying and reach has become a pain.

Nov 2018

Aynbath Instagram is up

I decided to start a separate account for Aynbath.
Follow there

Sept 2018

First Webcomic “Rain” online!

First free to read graphic novel sequence online!

Read the Sequence

Jul 2018

Attending First Conventions

First time presenting Aynbath on fantasy conventions!
See overview

Jun 2018

Aynbath Preview Zine

First intriguing glimpse into the project is finished:

View Product

Feb 2018

Announcement of Aynbath

The project got officially announced on the (old) aerozopher blog. 

February 2018

Announcement of Aynbath


Read the introduction on my blog:

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