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September 2020

First Interview: DIY

Interview on the Weirdobrigade.
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August 2020

New Aynbath Soundtrack

Listen to the Torn OST Track “Death Meditation”:
Track on Youtube

July 2020

Sequence – Ashes of..

A ritual of radical change and renewal:
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June 2020

New Shop Online!

Finally my OWN online store is up:
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March 2020

Sequence – Hladleid

Silent Comic following a druid:
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February 2020

First Aynbath Soundtrack

Listen to the first Aynbath OST “Snowy Mountain”:
Track on Youtube

- 2019 -

October 2019

3 Great Masarru Prints

I designed three wonderful Masarru Art Prints:
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October 2019

First Chapter of Webcomic

A surreal journey is now beginning. Step into another world:
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August 2019

Earning on Crypto Platform

I did a bunch of process posts on Ntopaz (Steem):
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July 2019

Rain – The Set is out!

Only German – Das Rain Package mit exklusivem Inhalt:
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June 2019

Sequence – The Deruphant

A short silent comic:
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June 2019

DOAZ Art Zine

Aynbath is part of the Occult Art Zine:
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March 2019

First Youtube Vids

I finally tackled the whole video field. First videos are up:
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March 2019

Epic Conventions

New epic conventions are coming up. Visit me and say hello:
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February 2019

Twitch and Fuck Facebook

Fed up by time waste and heavily limited reach.
Check out my Twitch

- 2018 -

November 2018

Starting an Aynbath Instagram

I decided to start a separate account for Aynbath.
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September 2018

“RAIN – The Sequence” Is Out!

First free to read graphic novel sequence!
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July 2018

My First Conventions

First time presenting my works on conventions!
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June 2018

Aynbath Preview Zine

First intriguing glimpse is finished. Read more:
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February 2018

Announcement of Aynbath

Read the introduction on my Aerozopher blog:
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