DOAZ Art Zine (Artist Compendium)


A modern 32 page Art Zine packed with diverse Artists.

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Content: 32 Pages (A6)

(High Quality Zine with Dark Art and Occult Art)

I organized it and curated the artists and their artworks in this great collection. For those who still value a physical offline copy and for those who love to explore new artists. It also contains artworks of the artists that you might not find online so easily. Many are ink and pen artists, but it is broad mix of different approaches and styles.

These are the attending artists:
@aynbath, @alchemicaldancer, @slave_eye,, @drownedorange, @ikosidio, @ina_auderieth,, @massikka, @minkitus, @nnyhr, @rowanecassidy, @thefieldalchemist, @vjecnost.

Thematics: Nature, Symbolism, Death, Runes, The Occult

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Dimensions 10.5 × 14.8 cm
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