About Me

Hey, I’m Kosta (Aerozopher), the artist and creator of Aynbath. It is my channel of giving forth my impressions, Weltanschauung, values and personal mysticism in my own sense of aesthetic.

Besides being very curious in general and a free thinker I also am aspiring to learn Permaculture right now to grow my own food. While I love to consume all kinds of underground music I finally started creating my own music too. Living up to my values, being self sufficient and self thinking, rejecting centralized structures, creating more than consuming.. are all virtues I am striving for.

Surely much of what I tell through Aynbath may sound purely fantastic to the average person, but I want to empower the reader to widen their perspective and thus possibilities. Magick is real.

We are titans. It’s time to rise and build our own culture. Authorities won’t serve us. Take responsibility and initiate change. Care for yourself, be patient. Cultivate your visions. Be true to yourself. Connect.

Growing Aynbath

By spreading the word, sharing my content and buying my products you feed this project and the reality it is creating. By your support I can put more time into Aynbath instead of freelance work.




I will grow this over the years and my eyes are always open for new individuals coming into my life and joining this project as supporters and collaborators. Let’s connect and support each other. Just contact me if you feel the urge! No matter if you got questions or just want to tell me your feelings and thoughts. Here is my contact page: CONTACT

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Open for Commissions

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Some Impressions

In my free time I like exploring new places, photographing the scenery and documenting ruins.