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Your overview of Aynbath’s growing collection of stories.

All images are downloadable in my native gallery. They also include detailed texts.

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Aynbath Videos

Painting process videos, timelapse and animated short films:

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Available Art Prints

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Aynbath is a growing collection of mystical and gloomy storylines in the form of web comics, short stories, graphic novels and zines. They are all part of Aynbath’s world and represent a multimedial puzzle.

The name Aynbath is composed of two words. “Ayn” (heb. primeval nothing; אין‎) deriving from the hebrew phrase אין סוף (also spelled Ayn Soph or Ain Sof) meaning “unending” and emphasizing the nonexistence of attributes in the “nameless being”.

The second part is “bath stemming from the old english “bæþ”, a washing or immersion of something (normally the body) in anything amorphous (e.g. water) for cleansing or medical treatment.

Hey, I am Kosta (:
My artist alias is Aerozopher and I am an illustrator, book lover, free thinker, music lover and permaculture aspirant.

Read more about me on my About Me page.

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