Event Overview

Where I had great times and where I will show up. Come say hello:

Coming Up!

Comic Con Germany | November 2020

Stuttgart - At least this one convention remains, let's see how it will be.

Manga Comic Con | March 2021

Leipzig - I'll be there, and it will be epic. Don't miss it. I'd love to meet you there (:

Events 2020

Digitaler Comic Salon Erlangen | July 2020

International - Destroyed by bullshit government hysteria, now as digital platform.

Events 2019

Manga Comic Con | March 2019

Leipzig - My best event ever. Had such a blast and can't wait for the next one.

Dokomi | June 2019

Düsseldorf - Europe's biggest Artist Alley and such a labyrinth.

Comic Con Germany | June 2019

Stuttgart - Very warm convention with a great artist community.

Vienna Comic Con | November 2019

Wien - Big travel for a great convention with my friend Ina Auderieth.

Events 2018

Role Play Convention | May 2018

Köln - My first convention and it was an interesting experience.

Comic Salon Erlangen | June 2018

Erlangen - Near my hood many friends came by. Great event!

Frankfurter Buchmesse | October 2018

Frankfurt - What an event, huge and we had a great time.