Avian Transformation [A3 Print]


The print of the Avian Tranformation of Masarru’s Protagonist. Description below.

* No frame included.

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High Quality Art Print on thick matte paper.
Size: A3 ( 297 × 420 mm ) (= 11.7 × 16.5 inches )

This gloomy painting is a shape shifting of the protagonist of Masarru. Absorbing the celestial ouranian bird god Khonsu and transforming into a winged beast entity she takes off. She carries a nightly sigil sphere and flies up into the dark sky. Her previously white coat turning pitch black in the process.

Her feet loose ground. Arms and legs hurt in a twisting transformation while scales pierce her skin. The shiny white mask crushes under the pressure. Radiant awareness and perception flows out of the cage of her former head and expands into a streaming cloud. The dark flickering sphere in her hands drags as if it was to escape.

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Dimensions 29,7 × 42 cm
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