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Kjörer Död (21×29; A4) – 45 €

Verkabelt (21×29; A4) – 65 €

Birth / Death – 35 €

Last Flight – 35 €

Surrounded – 30 €

Surrounded – 30 €

Eingriff in die Essenz – 40 €

An entity once worshipped as a god by humans returns and bends our energy streams to its will.

Inks and Acrylics on Red Cardboard, 10,5 x 15 cm


Blood Dragon – 40 €

Blood as the essence of life, vampirism as every child’s nightmare. This tiny wild dragon lives off the blood of its victims.
Rust Ink and Black Ink, – Main Motive 10 x 10 cm, As a whole perfect for a 13 x 13 cm frame

Shamanic Slaughter – 25 €

As described in all ancient shamanic descriptions the initate gets slaughtered, eaten and then put together again by the spirits of sickness.

Inks, Roughly 12 x 10 cm

The Swamp – 45 €

The magic of swamps: All the animal noises, the smell of wet vegetation, reflections and obscure winded trees.. I sat down and meditated.

Black Wax Crayons and Acrylics, A4 (29x21cm)

LesContreBandiers – 45 €

All together they were singing around the crackling flames of the ritual fire while the moon and the sun were both shining.

Black Wax Crayons and Acrylics, A4 (21x29cm)

Interested? Send me a mail to:

aerozopher AT

If you take multiple pieces I’ll make you a good price.