The Torn: The Mossy Heights

All-present by towering the woodlands, this landmark is still thouroughly eschewed by humans.

"That wicked place.."

Rising up above the forests of Wynau there is this place well known, but avoided by the villagers. The old people just say no son of man should go in there without the protection of a sigil shield or the escort of a spell weaver. Some of the women always complained how there was no wall between their housings and the woods at the foot of the Mossy Heights. “Because it would not help anything, if the nefarious spirits decided to attack us..” laughed the old healer bitterly. “Stop lamenting over matters thee can’t changeth and do something useful for once!” They knew there never came anything evil down to them, the only stories of people being harmed was when they entered there forcefully.

Wistful Memories

The Torn still dreams of those mossy rocks and the bird entities he encountered there. The smell, the caves, the hidden corners he feared for their ominous presence and obviously the rewarding wide view when he managed to climb all the way up. Many of the greatest memories of his childhood come from this eerie place.


Of course he had ignored the warnings of the elders. Of course.

He never told anyone from his village what he had seen, for the people there were so easily scared. Let alone his parents.. The boy never showed them the little wood piece he was gifted by the “spirits”. Still amazed to this day about how the “spirits” couldn’t craft anything, but just searched until they found something that resembled what they had in mind. So they gave him this present looking roughly like one of them.. he never felt as honoured before in his life. He still carries it in one of his pouches.

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