occult web comic masarru chapter 2 cover
khonsu egyptian god appearing
egyptian god khonus appearing
aynbath masarru chapter2 spell
egyptian protection spell cast by god khonsu
dialogue between khonsu and masarru
dialogue khonsu and masarru
egyptian god khonsu appearing and offering help
web comic masarru dialogue 2
dialogue khonsu and ma
dark souls uniting for a vision
dark comic masarru as webcomic series part
khonsu transformation, the egyptian god manifests
dark souls like narration
dark souls like narration mobile version
occult sigil magick evocation
narration, dark souls style
dark souls narration part 2
egyptian god khonsu in his bird form
dark fantasy narrator continues
dark fantasy webcomic masarru
ma walking through a bunch of illusions
hawk flying above
sigil magick of visions

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Don’t miss Chapter 3 – join the list!